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Wellness Center: Y Staff Members are available for scheduled fitness orientations teaching safe operation of equipment or schedule a Personal Training session today!

Membership Rates

No Contracts! No Joiner Fee! Membership Rates listed are Base Price Per Month.


Memberships include FREE Group Fitness Classes, Program Discounts, visits to Ys around the U.S. and more! Get the most out of your Y experience: schedule a tour, schedule a FREE fitness orientation, invite family and friends to join you, get connected and stay informed with the Y on Facebook, attend a Y event, and review the Y Member Handbook.



Membership Holds / Cancellations: The Y requires a written 30-day notice to cancel memberships.


     Step 1: Fill out Membership Application (see link).

     Step 2: Fill out Emergency Medical Authorization (see link).

                Email to

     Step 3: Fill out COVID-19 Adult Waiver (see link).

                Email to

     Step 4: Fill out COVID-19 Minor Waiver (see link).

                Email to

     Step 5: Register Online --> Follow Link

We appreciate our members :) Upon your first visit to the Cambridge Area YMCA Family Center, please stop at the Y Front Desk to fill out our Membership Application and finalize the application process. We would be happy to assist you with scheduling a fitness orientation, personal training sessions, group exercise classes, or any additional program registrations.


3 - 13 years of age


+ tax


14 - 17 years of age



+ tax

Young Adult

18 - 25 years of age



+ tax


26 - 59 years of age



+ tax


60 + years of age


Call for pricing

+ tax

Single Parent Family

One adult plus children up to age 25 (if that child is a full-time student living in the house and claimed on federal taxes)




+ tax


Two adults plus children up to age 25 (if the children are full-time students living in the house and claimed on federal taxes)




+ tax


One of the two adults 60+








+ tax

Financial Assistance


The Cambridge Area YMCA offers financial assistance. The YMCA’s Financial Assistance Program provides subsidized rates on a sliding income-based scale modeled on an Ohio Job and Family Services paradigm. You will find the Financial Assistance Applications at the Front Desk kiosks or you can download the form from our webpage (on your right). A Financial Assistance Application will need filled out in its entirety. In order to process your financial assistance request, we will need to obtain additional documentation. Take a look at the application for a list of required paperwork.



Ohio YMCA’s are partnering with Governor DeWine to support Ohio Foster Homes, Kinship Caregivers, and Bridges participants to receive a FREE YMCA Membership.


Eligibility- All Ohio certified foster homes, approved kinship caregivers, and Bridges participants are eligible for a 12-month family or individual YMCA membership.


Certified Foster Homes

*must prove eligibility once every 12 months by providing both of the following:

     • a copy of the family’s current JFS 01213 Notice of Approval for Foster Home showing the family is currently certified as a foster home; and
     • a letter from the family’s recommending foster care agency on the agency’s letterhead indicating the family is in good standing with the agency/State of Ohio

and indicates one of the below:
          o Family has had at least one foster care placement within the past eighteen (18) months; or
          o Family is a newly certified foster home within the last six (6) months.



Approved Kinship Caregivers

*must prove eligibility once every 12 months by providing the following:

     • a letter from the agency that approved the family on the agency’s letterhead indicating the family is both of the following:
          o in good standing with the agency; and
          o has a current kinship child placed in the home.


Bridges participants- are young adults who have aged out of foster care. Those young adults may or may not have children. If the young adult has no children, just the young adult is eligible for an adult facility membership. If the young adult has children, the young adult and their children are eligible for a family facility membership.

*must prove eligibility once every 12 months by providing both of the following:
     • a copy of the participant’s JFS 01617 Bridges Voluntary Participation Agreement showing the participant is enrolled in Bridges; and
     • a letter from the Bridges Grantee on the grantee’s letterhead indicating the participant is currently enrolled in Bridges.


To sign up, stop by the Cambridge Area YMCA Family Center!

Military Wellness Program


At the Y, we understand the dedication and personal sacrifice that veterans and their families make to protect and serve our nation. As a small token of our gratitude for your military service, we would like to offer a Military Wellness Membership Program to help you and your family achieve your wellness goals. We are proud to offer resources at the YMCA to those trying to refocus their efforts on nurturing mind, body, and spirit. Please present your Military Identification to the YMCA Front Desk.

YMCA Nationwide

AnyY (1).png

By joining the Cambridge Area YMCA Family Center, your family has access to YMCA’s across the Nation! Every family is welcome in every community!

- Valid for active, full facility Y members

- On a monthly basis, nationwide member visitors will need to use their home Y at least 50% of the time

- Program-only participants and special memberships are not eligible for nationwide memberships

- Make sure the Y offers the services and amenities you plan to use 

- Bring a photo ID with you for your visit


Guests will need to fill out an Emergency Medical Form Waiver and show a picture ID. Guests are subject to age-appropriate fees. Guests of the Cambridge Area YMCA are to uphold the standards of member conduct.

Youth 13 and under cannot use the fitness equipment and must be accompanied by an adult.

All minors require parent/legal guardian signatures on paperwork.

Young Adult
College Student


Full facility usage



Child watch excluded from price listed



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